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A Guide. The Historical Centre of Turaida. The Turaida Museum Reserve.

A Guide. The Historical Centre of Turaida. The Turaida Museum Reserve, Rīga: Mantojums Publishing House, 2011, 160 pages.

Author: Specially Protected Cultural Monument – The Turaida Museum Reserve. Images in this book come from the collection of the Turaida Museum Reserve, from Alberts Linarts, Dainis Bruģis and other authors as well as materials from the archives of the Turaida Museum Reserve and the Latvian Academic Library. The guide provides information about the historical centre of Turaida and buildings – monuments located therein.The book contains a thorough information about 38 exhibitions in the Turaida Museum Reserve which are located in both rooms and open area.

 The guide is  well-structured and includes five stories:

–          Folk-song park – Hill of Dainas – Folk-song Park

–          The Gauja Livs in Latvia`s Cultural History

–          The Turaida Stone Castle

–          The Turaida Church Hill and Church

–          The Turaida Estate

 in such a way providing a consecutive narrative about historical events in the Historical Centre of Turaida in the course of one thousand years.

The book contains a rich material of photographies and is a good guide along the Turaida Museum Reserve and informative material about the development of the Historical Centre of Turaida and different contemporary possibilities for development of historical stories.

In introductory text of the guide Anna Jurkāne, director of the Turaida Museum Reserve explains: „The historical centre of Turaida includes nearly all of the elements of typical cultural and historical centres in Latvia – a hill fort with the foundations of a wooden castle, a Medieval stone castle, a church, a cemetery, the buildings of a baronial estate, the centre of a kolkhoz, a park, a system of ponds, green areas, roads, paths and routes, and a cultural and historical landscape to bring it all together. There are plenty of cultural and historical centres in Latvia, both in cities and in rural areas. This particularly applies to former baronial estates. The historical centre of Turaida, however, is particularly attractive, because it is on the banks of the ancient Gauja River Valley and is part of the territory of the Gauja National Park…

The exhibitions at the museum reserve speak to the wealth and dramatic nature of events which occurred in the specific territory that is known as the historical centre of Turaida. The exhibitions which have been installed by staff at the museum reserve show that life represents countless changes and shifts over the course of the millennium that began in the 11th century and has continued to this very day. The historical centre of Turaida has been preserved and maintained because of public interest in it. It is characterised by an environmental, cultural and historical environment, monuments, as well as a tangible and intangible heritage which confirms all that has occurred in the past. The museum reserve understands that the environmental and cultural heritage of the region is of global value because of its great diversity, and so the museum reserve preserves the interesting and diverse heritage, thus trying to enrich the world`s experience and knowledge.”

Now you can open A Guide here: http://www.turaida-muzejs.lv/plans-to-visit/a-guide/?lang=en

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