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A book „The Historical Centre of Turaida. A Guide. The Turaida Museum Reserve” is also accessible in virtual environment

Recently issued by Turaida Museum Reserve and richly illustrated book „The Historical Centre of Turaida. A Guide. The Turaida Museum Reserve,” which is available at Vistors Centre in the Latvian, Russian and English languages, right now is accessible for reading in virtual environment. You can find it at www.turaida-muzejs.lv under the section „Plan your visit,” at the bottom of the list under the name „A Guide”. This virtual book is made as equal to the original printed material. Using the offered opportunities you may leaf through the book and besides switching on the sound effects you can hear enjoyable noise of turning over a page. For handy reading you can use additional tools to open contents, switch on a full-screen view as well as to zoom-in information for each page separately.

This virtual book is accessible at museum`s webpage also in information blocks of the English and Russian languages, thus providing an opportunity to the interested persons from all over the world to read it as well as  raise his/her interest to visit Turaida museum`s exhibitions  in person to feel the fascination of this peculiar cultural environment.

The guidebook provides a notion about the Historical Centre of Turaida and buildings-monuments located therein. The book comprises detailed information about 38 exhibitions of the Turaida Museum Reserve which are currently locted in the museum`s rooms and outside. The book is supplemented with magnificent photographies and can be successfully used as both a guide, becoming acquainted with offer of the Turaida Museum Reserve, and informative material about formation and development of the Historical Centre of Turaida within context of Latvian and European historical events as well as a means of various present-day opportunities in development of historical stories.

The structure of the Guidebook cosists of five stories:

– Folk-song park – Hill of Dainas and Folk-song garden,
– The Gauja Livs in Latvia’s Cultural History,
– Turaida Stone Castle,
– Turaida Church Hill and Church,
– Turaida Estate.

The Guidebook introduces consecutively with events of the Historical Centre of Turaida in the course of one thousand years.



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