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Summer Solstice Festivity on Jāņa kalns (Jāņa Hill)

You are kindly welcome on June 21, 2013 at 7 p.m.to participate in summer solstice celebration in Turaida Museum Reserve, during which you can experience ancient Midsummer (Jāņi) night traditions together with foundation „Māras loks”and folk groups from different regions of Latvia. Our strength is hidden in the ancient folk-songs, which express the sonorous soul of all Latvian nation. This year we kindly invite you to come together in a circle and unite in the charm of summer solstice songs. May the ancient and sonorous „līgo” refrain is carried up into heaven, creating vibrations in the whole space!, suggest people from „Māras loks”. Summer solstice traditions will continue all night until 3 a.m. concluding the feast with the sunrise on the Hill of Dainas. During this feast the yard will be decorated with flowers, made wreaths of flowers and oak leaves, made cottage cheese, sang folk-songs at sunset, risen flaming barrel on the pole in the darkest time of the night. Singing folk-songs about the sun, dancing at the big bonfire Latvian dances, rolling a fire wheel down the hill as well as walking the sun` s path along Māra nature trail the participants will meet the sunrise. Come and enjoy the shortest night of the year in Turaida!
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