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Campaign „Learn about history and events of the Turaida castle in the course of 800 years through the stories told by castle objects!” 20 story: Baroque Style Stoves in the Turaida Castle

In January, the Turaida Museum Reserve starts campaign „Learn about history and events of the Turaida castle in the course of 800 years through the stories told by castle objects!” The purpose of the campaign is to invite visitors of the museum to pay attention to antiquities, found in the castle, and by their assistance to discover exciting historical stories. During the year, each second week an original object in the castle exhibitions will be highlighted. As a reward for finding this object and learning about it, the visitors will get a special label of the campaign. The stories of the objects will be published also at www.turaida-muzejs.lv and www.facebook.com/turaida.muzejs

Follow these stories and become acquainted with the Turaida stone castle and its heritage anew!

Turaidas pils drupās atrasts krāsns podiņš ar barokāla pildiņa motīvu. 18. gs. pirmā puse
The Baroque style stove tile. From collection of the Turaida Museum Reserve. 18th century

Baroque is a style in European art and architecture which spread around from 1600 to 1770. The period of Baroque style and its form of expression in various countries were different. The beginning of the Baroque art style in the territory of Latvia is considered around 1660, but its end around 1775.

The Baroque style is charcterized by motion, splendour, brilliancy, theatricality and exaggerations. Wavy lines, spiral scrolls – volutes, twisted columns and their groups, impressive cornices and arched dome ceiling as well as expressive ciaroscuro technique predominate in this architecture.

Baroque style decor has also been used in decoration and form of interior furnishings.

In the Turaida castle those are stove tiles which once were magnificent interior objects. Unfortunately during the great fire, in 1776, inner rooms of the castle burnt out and tile stoves collapsed. Among archaeological finds of the Turaida castle there are many Baroque tiles of various forms which would be enough for renovation of two stoves at least.

The Baroque stove tiles are mostly covered by nearly black glaze or white in contrast. The Baroque stove tiles of the Turaida castle are decorated with magnificent bouquets, busts of men wearing luxurious wigs or various decorative casts – twisted emblematic decorations or panels.

Partial reconstruction of the Baroque style stove may be viewed on the top floor of the west block of Turaida castle.

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