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Summer solstice or Jāņi is the celebration of the longest day and shortest night of the year. Jāņi are a somewhat mystic event, as, according to ancient traditions, you have to search for the Legendary fern blossom, wash your face in the grass`s morning dew, and gather herbal plants, which are said to have a special power midsummer. Summer Solstice celebrations date back centuries, when Europeans actively practiced the cult of the Sun. Bonfires and other rituals are not only part of annual traditional celebrations, but also manifest the unity of Cosmic and Earth order. 19:00 GRASS EVENING WISDOM OF WOMEN making wreaths / making cheese  /  latvian bath tradition / power of herbs WISDOM OF MEN making torches/ lighting the fire with a flint  / beer brewering THEATER FOR KIDS 19.30 performance “Small Janis” BLESSING 19.30 field and courtyard ritual 20.00 household ritual of Janis 20.30 echoing 21:00  SOLSTICE FIRE LIGHTING THE FIRE horn is calling to gather at JanIS hillside  /carrying oak garland up the hill  / lighting the sun and couple bonfires /  sunpath RITUAL OF OAK 22.30 burning of big Janis fire  / games LIGHT IN THE DARK 23.00 singing next to the Sun fireplace 00:00  MIDNIGHT FIREWHEEL 00.00 ritual in middle of the night  /  burning of the old crowns 00.30 horn is inviting  / firewheel BONFIRE OF DANCE 01.00 – 03.00 dancing with folklore group RĪGAS DANČU KLUBS NIGHT SINGING 01.00 – 02.30 singing together with Inese Kozuliņa next to the Sun fireplace 02.30 jumping over the fireplace   03:00  THE PATH OF LIGHT IN FRONT OF THE LIGHT horn is inviting up in Janis hill FOUNT RITUALS going to founts MORNING DEW 03.30 mornign dew rituals up in Dainu hill and at the end of Mara path MEETING THE SUN 04.00 meeting the sun next to the scupture “Don’t sleep, the Sun!” FAREWELL 05.00 puttiing the raft in the Gauja river PARTICIPANTS Making wreaths – Indra Čekstere and Margita Poriete, making cheese – Marija Andina and folk group ŪZUĻEŅI, latvian bath tradition – Kaija Brisone and Juris Kraucis, making torches – “Roķi”, power of herbs – Zeltite Kaviere, lighting the fire with a flint – Maris Braze,  beer brewering – folk group ŪZUĻEŅI, theater for kids – Baiba un Valdis Vanagi Mens of fire – Eduards and Audars Klints, Sun fire makers – folk group SILAVOTI,   Janis father and Janis mother – Uģis Mitrevics and Anna Jurkāne Night concert – INESE KOZULIŅA, dances – folklore group RĪGAS DANČU KLUBS Fount ritual – – folk group SILAVOTI, morning dew ritual and meeting the sun – folklore group BUDĒĻI FOLK GROUPS: SILAVOTI from Riga,  BUDĒĻI and RĪGAS DANČU KLUBS from Riga, SENLEJA from Sigulda, LAUKAM PĀRI from Ceraukste, ŪZUĻEŅI  from Ozolmuiža, MEŽĀBELE from Jērcēni, PUTNIS form Jaunlaicene, DZĪNE form Ķoņi, SKANCE form Kauguri, MARE form Bulduri, MEDAINIS form Saldus, OGLĪTE form Ropaži, Lubānas folklore group, Daugmales folklore group, OGRES DANČU KLUBS from Ogre, NĀBURGI from Valka INFO: +371 29541105 ORGANIZERS: www.marasloks.lv  /  www.turaida-muzejs.lv  /  www.sigulda.lv
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