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A Video Story “On the Way to Establishment of the State of Latvia

The Turaida Museum Reserve, preparing for celebration of the 100th anniversary of the State of Latvia, is continuing its work at the new exhibition  “On the Way to Establishment of the State of Latvia.  Peasant Liable to Corvee.  Farmer. Citizen”. The new exhibition is made like a story about processes, forming a basis for establishment of the State of Latvia in 1918. The development of its content is based on continuously studied historical themes at the museum – “Peasant liable to corvee, farmer, citizen” and “The Turaida Estate – 300 years in the history of Latvia”. Exhibition encompasses the period of time from abolition of serfdom in Vidzeme, in 1819, until adoption of the Law on Agrarian Reform in the Republic of Latvia, in 1920, showing the most relevant aspects of people’s life in rural areas of Vidzeme  within context of Latvian and European historical events.

Photographies and post cards have been chosen for exhibition as testimonies of the epoch to demonstrate the dramatical nature of events during World War I and the Latvian War of Independence. As a result, an emotional video story has been created for prospective exhibition “On the Way to Establishment of the State of Latvia. Peasant Liable to Corvee. Farmer. Citizen.”

The video story includes pictures from the storage of the Turaida Museum Reserve, the National History Museum of Latvia and the Museum of F.Trasuns “Kolnasāta”. The author of the video story - Agris Tabaks, music prepared by Kaspars Tobis.

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