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Traffic restrictions during Latvian Cyclists Unity Ride 2018, September 2

1070601182_0fe532a667On September 2, 2018 there will be traffic restrictions during the Latvian Cyclists Unity Ride 2018. Traffic road Sigulda - Turaida  (P8) will be comletely closed from 10.40 until 11.10 and from 12:00 until 17:00. TRAFFIC RESTRICTIONS DURING RACE IN SIGULDA: TRAFFIC CLOSED:
  • 10:40-11.10, and 12.00-17.00 road between Sigulda and Turaida, including bridge over Gauja. P8 driving road from Sigulda to Turaida;
  • 00-17.30 Cēsu iela (Cēsu street);
  • 00-17.30 Lāčplēša street from Leona Paegles street to Jāņa Portuka street;
  • 30-11.10, and 12.15-17.00 Jāņa Poruka iela (Jāņa Poruka street);
  • 30-17.00 Leona Paegles street from Lāčplēša street to Festivity Square. After 17.00 exit from parking at Ferris Wheel and Air Cableway parking will be open;
  • 15-14.30 Līvkalna street from Krišjāņa Barona street to Skolas street;
  • 15-14.30 Pils street from Cēsu street to Baznīcas street;
  • 40-11.15 during the Sport race (start at 11.00 crossroad between Cēsu and Raiņa street): Raiņa street-Ausekļa street-Dārza street-Nītaures street-Vidzeme highway (A2);
  • 15-12.50 during the MTB race (start at 12.30 from Turaida street next to historical Serpentine road): Turaidas street-Gaujas street-Pils street-Līvkalna street-Televīzijas street-Nurmižu street;
  • 00-14.30 during the Public distance (start at 13.30 crossroad between Cēsu and Raiņas street): Raiņa street-Pils street-Šveices street-Kalna street-Noliktavas street-Vidzeme highway (A2);
  • 00-14.30- during the Retro Bike ride: Cēsu street-Līvkalna street
  • 15-14.30 intersection at monument of Krišjānis Barons will be closed (crossroad of streets – Pils, Cēsu, Līvkalna, Barona). Parking for Siguldas castle complex won’t be reachable at this time. Traffic will be open when all competitors will cross intersection after race start.
  • 40-13.40 during the Sport race (start at 11.00): Road: Sigulda-Augšlīgatne-Ieriķi-Cēsis-Stalbe-Ragana-Turaida-Sigulda;
  • 15-15.40 during the MTB race (start at 12.30): Road: Sigulda-Nurmiži-Ratnieki-along Gauja river-Sigulda;
  • 00-16.30 during the Public distance (start at 13.30): Road: Sigulda (Raiņa street-Pils street-Šveices street-Kalna street)-Vidzemes highway A2-Sēnīte-Murjāņi-Ragana-Turaida-Sigulda.
  • Restrictions will be canceled by following the flow of participants on the track.
  • P1 next to Ferris Wheel. Entry from Leona Paegles street until 10.30. Exit after 17.00 to Leona Paegles street.
  • P2 next to Air Cable car station. Entry from Jāņa Poruka street until 10.30, and 11.10-12.15. Exit after 17.00 to Leona Paegles street.
  • P3 near The Nature Conservation Agency (Baznicas street 7). Entry untill 12.15, exit after 14.30;
  • P4 near monument of Krišjānis Barons;
  • P5 Raiņa street 3 and Pil street 10
  • P6 near Skolas street
  • P7 Krišjāņa Barona street 10, entrance from Atbrīvotāju street
  • P only for staff – near Festivity square
  • P VIP - Lāčplēša street
  • Additional parking – near monument of Krišjānis Barons depending on weather conditions, entrance until 12.15, exit after 14.30
  • Stop on side of the road is allowed according to traffic rules
  • On Raiņa street;
  • On Leona Paegles street from Lāčplēša street to Festivity square;
  • On Cēsu street;
  • On Pils street from Šveices street to Cēsu street;
  • On Šveices street;
  • On Kalna street and Noliktavas street;
  • On Līvkalns street.
During the event 4 distances will be held: Sports (99 km) – starting time 11.00. Road: Sigulda-Augšlīgatne-Ieriķi-Cēsis-Stalbe-Ragana-Turaida-Sigulda. MTB (39 km) – starting time 12.30. Road: Turaidas iela-Gaujas iela-Raiņa iela-Pils iela-Līvkalna iela-Televīzijas iela-Nurmižu ceļš-Nurmiži-Ratnieki-along Gauja river-Sigulda Public distance (36 km) – starting time 13.30. Road: Sigulda-Sēnīte-Murjāņi-Ragana-Turaida-Sigulda. Retro Bike ride – starting time from 14.00-14.30. Short distance: Sigulda-Nurmiži-along Gauja river-Sigulda (22km) and long distance: Sigulda-Nurmiži-Ratnieki-Vildoga-Sigulda (33km).    
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