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The ancient Latvian folklore celebration – Mārtiņdiena (Martin’s Day). Photogallery

The celebration marks end of autumn and beginning of winter. The days of annual customs are closely related to the sequence of peasant’s  work. Mārtiņi is the time when people restart walking from house to house wearing original costumes and masks, in such a way facilitating feritility and good harvest. Also this year the masked Mārtiņbērni (Children of Mārtiņš) – the participants of Sigulda folk group “SENLEJA” will come to Turaida. They will  sing, teach dances and games and also set riddles and share the harvest and home-made winter supplies.

The participants of Mārtiņi are welcome to make masks at home or to dress in other images and together with family come and celebrate Mārtiņdiena in Turaida! The costume for this  day can be also your coat turned inside-out!

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