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Turaida Museum Reserve visitors in 2018

In 2018, 273 312 people from Latvia and abroad visited the Turaida Museum Reserve. Tourists have come from more than 72 different countries from all over the world. Compared to 2017, when the museum reserve was visited by 265,352 people, the number in 2018 has increased by 3%.

Thanks to the tourism industry activity and the successful cooperation of the Museum Reserve with more than 100 tourism companies, as well as the promotion of the offer of Latvia and Turaida Museum Reserve abroad in various tourism fairs, the number of foreign tourists from Spain, Russia, France, Poland, Italy, China, Japan and South Korea. In the summer season, the interest of visitors from Lithuania and Estonia is also increasing.

The trend of recent years shows that the number of countries visited by more than 1,000 guests has increased. In 2018, such countries are already twenty. TOP 10 of Turaida Museum Reserve foreign group visit in 2018 consists of the following countries: first in Germany - 16 002, second - Spain - 14 664, third - France - 9 767, followed by Russia - 7 385, Italy - 6 712, Japan - 5 910, Lithuania - 5 063, South Korea - 4 813, Estonia - 4 078, China - 3 734 etc. In 2018 Turaida Museum Reserve was also visited by guests from Sri Lanka, Malta, Vietnam, Lebanon, Albania, Iraq, Jamaica, Pakistan, Kosovo, Macedonia, Afghanistan and Africa.

In order to attract new target groups of visitors and popularize the offer of the Museum Reserve, Turaida Museum Reserve hosted 48 familiarization visits in 2018 with the participation of representatives of tourism companies and journalists from different countries. Visits have been organized in cooperation with LIAA Tourism Department, Sigulda Development Agency, Gauja National Park Tourism Cluster Enter Gauja, Vidzeme Tourism Association and Tourism Companies. During the year, several new cooperation agreements were concluded with tourism companies, which enable to organize a visit to the museum reserve using the voucher settlement system.

The Ministry of Culture's initiative “The School Bag of Latvia”, which was launched in September 2018, where the Museum Reserve was actively involved and continues to participate in the offer for pupils with a museum reserve visit, educational programs and / or excursions, has also contributed to the growth of statistics.

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