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From 13 March 2020 THE TURAIDA MUSEUM RESERVE IS CLOSED FOR VISITORS due to Emergency Situation in all territory of Latvia declared by government

On the basis of the Minutes of the Crisis Management Board’s Meeting  of 12 March 2020 and Order of the Cabinet of 12 March 2020 on the Declaration of Emergency Situation in the State, Specially Protected Cultural Monument – the Turaida Museum Reserve temporarily ceases its public activity  from 13 March 2020 and is CLOSED FOR VISITORS until 12 May 2020.

Closing of cultural, educational, sporting and entertainment  institutions is a part of these security measures, in response to the statement by the World Health Organization of 11 March 2020, that Covid-19 has been confirmed as pandemic. Social distancing is facilitated with a purpose to provide the most effective limiting of virus spreading.

Detailed information about declaration of emergency situation in Latvia can be found at 👉mk.gov.lv/…/aktuali…/par-arkartejas-situacijas-izsludinasanu

The Turaida Museum Reserve urges everyone to follow up the updated information with regard to spreading of  Covid-19 and the necessary further steps to provide public and individual security.

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