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The 35th Anniversary of Folk Song Hill

This year July 7 marks the 35 anniversary since Folk Song Hill was unveiled in Turaida and the 30th anniversary since folk songs were sung in Folk Song Garden. Folk Song Hill, which has become a symbol of the Singing Revolution in its years of existence, is a place where, through the interaction of art created by nature and man people can raise deep emotional awareness of values encoded in folk songs, celebrate family feasts, draw strength from the energy of earth and be united. Stone sculptures by Indulis Ranka are located on Folk Song Hill. Each of them is a work of art and is dedicated to Latvian folk songs.

Folk Song Festival will be celebrated virtually from 5-7 June on Facebook of the Turaida Museum Reserve by sharing records filmed during concerts, festivals and international folklore festival “BALTICA” since 1985 on Folk Song Hill. They will interchange with greetings and reflections on the special cultural site – Folk Song Hill. Many members of folk groups and experts in this field will see themselves slightly younger or recognize well-known people in both old and new videos and photographs.

On the opening day of Folk Song Hill, on July 7, Latvian folk songs will sound in the Vistors Centre of the Turaida Museum Reserve, Folk Song Hill will be decorated with oak-tree wreaths and pyramids of young birch trees, but at 8:30a.m. the morning will begin with online video greeting by Anna Jurkāne, director of the Turaida Museum Reserve from Folk Song Hill.

Director of the Turaida Museum Reserve, Anna Jurkāne, is grateful to all leaders and members of folk groups for the warm-heartedness, goodwill and cooperation over the years. “We are honored to know you all and to be with you in Turaida and elsewhere in Latvia. You are so different, so vital, so special. Thank you that Folk Song Hill is important to us all!

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