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On August 21 a jubilee exhibition “The Way” of the artist Dina Dubiņa will be opened in the Turaida Museum Reserve

On August 21 at 3:00 p.m. a solo exhibition “The Way” of the artist Dina Dubiņa will be opened in the Turaida Museum Reserve. The exhibition exposes paintings with amber stones, enamel paintings and ornaments. It will be on display until September 20.

 “The Way” is a double jubilee exhibition of the artist Dina Dubiņa – it is a celebration of the artist’s 65th birthday and 45th annivesary of her creative work. “The way is a movement. Art is my way, through which I go, where I sometimes take refuge, and with which I try to show direction to others. On this way, many doors had to be unlocked to reach the target, many keys also had to be broken, because it is sometimes the hardest thing to find the way, which directly leads to yourself. I am always trying to increase  positive energy – enhance light and good feelings. I’m inviting you to travel along the way created by my art together!” the artist says.

 “I’m a walker of my own way in the art, - there are no other artists in the world who would create such large-size paintings in enamel technique,”explains the artist Dina Dubiņa.  Jewelry enamel paint with which the artist works is usually used in sacral art, royal ornaments, jewelry, because the materials used are very expensive, and the process of creating works is very labour consuming.

Artist Dina Dubiņa was born in Riga, graduated from the Riga Secondary School of Applied Arts and from the Estonian Academy of Arts obtaining a Master’s degree. Participates in exhibitions since 1975. During this period  she has  participated in more than 200 exhibitions in Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Finland, Japan, France, the United States and other countries. A member of the Latvian Artists’ Union since 1983. More than 30 personal exhibitions, most remarkable were on display in the art galleries: “Daugava”, “Riga Gallery”, “Putti”, in the Museum of Decorative Art and Design, in the Turaida Museum Reserve, in Graz (Auastria), Stuhr (Germany). The works are stored in the Latvian and Russian Museum repositories, as well as in private collections around the world. Her works were awarded honorary diplomas in the International Jewelry Exhibitions “Jabloņeca 77” and “Jabloņeca 83” (Czech Republic).

Dina Dubiņa started her creative activities as an artist of ornaments, but since 1985 she has focused on creation of enamel paintings and miniatures. It was only in recent years that parallel to the creation of paintings she returned to the design of  ornaments. Works of the artist Dina Dubiņa are on view in the virtual gallery at www.dinadubinaart.com

The exhibition has been carried out with support of the Turaida Museum Reserve and co-financing granted by the Sigulda Regional Municipality  for participation in the Cultural and Educational Competition.

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