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Exhibition in the Turaida Castle “Fortifications of the Stone Castle: Defense and Attacks”

Until October 31, it is still possible to visit in the Semi-circular  Tower a new exhibition “Fortifications of the Stone Castle: Defense and Attacks”, which by modern expressive means and technological solutions updates the historical story about fortifications in the Turaida Castle in the 13th-16th centuries.

Exhibition informs about castle fortifications, attacks and defense. It demontrates military tactics  and weapons, including a variety of interactive elements, which will be attractive also for the youngest visitors of the Turaida Museum Reserve. Exhibitions provide information not only about the battles nearby Turaida Castle, display antiquties found in archaelogical excavations, but also provide possibility to test your luck in the war by participating in a big-format floor game or act as castle defender – David in a computer game created for this exhibition. For better understanding of siege methods   there are various models of medieval war machines  on display as well as other visual information on castle siege and its building history.

Exhibition of the Turaida Castle “Fortifications of the Stone Castle: Defense and Attacks” has been supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, providing funding for the State budget programme “Cultural Heritage” to support museums.

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