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The Turaida Museum Reserve is open daily from 10.00 to 17.00 for individual visits

On 1 December, the government decided to extend the state of emergency in the country until 25 January 2021 and to impose additional security measures, including the field of culture, to combat purposefully the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic in Latvia. Their aim is to work together to create conditions in which the virus cannot spread in society. Museums and libraries continue to operate as before, in strict compliance with all epidemiological requirements.

The Turaida Museum Reserve is open daily from 10.00 to 17.00 for individual visits, except for members of one household, who can visit the museum together.

The Main Tower of the Turaida Castle and the exhibitions “Construction History of the Turaida Castle” and “Turaida as a part of the Riga Archbishopric”, as well as Folk Song Hill, the building structures of the Economic Center of the Turaida Estate and all open-air exhibitions.

Roll-upWe kindly ask you to be responsible and to observe all precautions during the visit to the museum in connection with the current requirements for limiting the spread of Covid-19:

  • Please do not visit the museum if you have symptoms of respiratory infectious disease or need to be in self-isolation, quarantine or strong isolation. The museum has a right to prevent persons with signs of respiratory infectious disease from entering the museum and ask them to leave the Museum Reserve’s area.
  • In the buildings of the Turaida Museum Reserve, with indoor exhibitions, a maximum number of visitors is determined, which can be present at the same time in each room, providing not less than 10 m² per person. When you visit exhibitions, please follow the informative visual indications at the doors of the buildings.
  • In the territory and buildings please observe 2 metres distance from other visitors and museum staff, follow the information on visual signage and instructions of  museum staff.
  • According to the current requirements of government on reducing prevalence of Covid-19, Specially Protected Cultural Monument – the Turaida Museum Reserve informs that from December 3, 2020 every museum’s visitor from the age of 8 should wear a face mask or faceshield (visor) when visiting the Museum Reserve’s indoor exhibitions.

Let’s take care of our own and other visitors’ health!

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Turaida Museum Reserve