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A new digital programme “Feast and Everyday life in Medieval Livonia” has been prepared

grezni-trauki-TuraidaAt the moment visitors to the Turaida Museum Reserve can get acquainted with the open-air exhibitions of the Medieval Castle of Turaida, but the museum is looking forward to the opportunity to open the  indoor exhibitions again.

With the support of the target grant provided by the Ministry of Culture, in 2020, we have prepared for visitors a new digital programme “Feast and Everyday Life in Medieval Livonia,” which tells about medieval feasts, table culture, luxury delicacies and ornate dishes in Turaida, as well as about awareness of the educated people about the healthy food 500-600 years ago.  It is also a story about the variety of daily food, the fasting and asceticism traditions typical of the medieval Catholic world and about a frequent daily companion – hunger.

The digital programme is based on research conducted over several years on everyday life, as well as on household objects and dishes discovered during archaeological investigations at Turaida Castle. Among the dishes there are both the so-called. early stages of pottery for cooking and storage made by local Livs, and imported tableware for wine and beer. Especially luxurious are the colorfully glazed pitchers imported from the German lands in the 13th century, also decorated with strips of embossed fish scales.

The digital programme has been created in collaboration with SIA Varied Group, as well as an artist Ģirts Boronovskis (SIA Decorus). The replicas of the dishes shown in the picture were made by ceramist Baiba Dumpe.

Vija Stikāne
Deputy Director for Research
Turaida Museum Reserve


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