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An open-air exhibition “Small Birds – Great Birds” is on view in the Turaida Museum Reserve

DSC03819From March 20, an open-air exhibition "Small Birds – Great Birds" dedicated to Spring Solstice is opened in the Turaida Museum Reserve.The message of the exhibition is about small birds, because in the spring tradition of Livs a special place takes calling – awakening  of the small birds. This tradition is connected with an ancient belief that small birds don’t go far away,  they are hiding and sleeping somewhere nearby and they should be awakened so that spring can come sooner.

The exhibition shows photographs of the small birds taken by the Finnish musician and bird-watcher Marco Ojala, who lives in Latvia. Using QR codes you can listen to the voices of the birds you see. Marco Ojala's  Finnish folk song about birds and the coming of spring is also recorded.

Records of the voices of the birds have been produced in cooperation with www.putni.lv with the assistance of  the ornithologist Gaidis Grandāns. Computer design was created by a specialist of the Turaida Museum Reserve - Nauris Dainis.

Among the photographed birds also  decorative birds of  Margita Poriete have  spread their wings and boast in front of the spectators. They are made of natural materials - flax, birch twigs, hay, reeds and straw. Within the frame of exhibition there will be also an online workshop run by Margita, during which at your home you will be able to learn how to make birds from natural materials. Detailed information will be published by the Museum Reserve at www.turaida-muzejs.lv and https://www.facebook.com/turaida.muzejs

The open-air exhibition is open daily from March 20 until April 18 during the working hours of the Turaida Museum Reserve.

When visiting the Turaida Museum Reserve the safety measures set by government for COVID-19 and the individual responsibility for your health should be observed. We invite you to take care of hand hygiene using public disinfectant stands, as well as to observe the distance and sanitary protocol  visiting public places and events.

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