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Open-air exhibition – “The Sounding “Puzuri” Garden in the Rhythms of the Solar Year”

From 18 December, 10.00 a.m., the exhibition of the open-air kinetic objects “The Sounding “Puzuri” Garden in the Rhythms of the Solar Year” will be on display in the Turaida Museum Reserve. (“Puzuri” – straw mobiles, himmeli – Latvian traditional  straw decorations). Visitors of the museum will be able to enjoy the exhibition by seeing, hearing, feeling and participating in it.

Puzuru ras 4VM-11Traditionally, “puzuris” is the sacred centre of the feast. When visually and emotionally perceived, it helps to organise thoughts, feel the passage of the solar year and the order of the world. The presence of the “puzuris” in a room encourages a person to remember the past, reflect on what has been accomplished in the previous year and find new ideas for the future. Traditionally, the “puzuris” decorated the room where winter solstice celebration with masks, games, music and dancing took place. The Turaida Museum Reserve’s exhibition of “puzuri” is designed in such a way that everyone can enjoy the festive feeling of sound and movement while participating in the open-air activities.

The “puzuri” create an interplay with the tree branches against the sky. The exhibition will be well enjoyed in both the nuances of winter daylight and in the evening dusk under the beams of coloured spotlights. Drawing inspiration from the ancient traditions and Latvian wisdom of life, several of the large-scale “puzuri” in the exhibition have been developed by designer Andrejs Broks and made by craftsmen Andris Roze and Santis Puriņš. The exhibition will also feature straw mobiles created by the staff of the Turaida Museum Reserve.

Some “puzuri” will also have a musical dimension, that can be enjoyed by entering the field of their visual perception. Visitors will have the opportunity to hear the music in the sound of the wind, to listen to the music composed by Kaspars Tobis and to create their own sound modulations or even melodies with assistance of the equipment produced by Edijs Evers and Jurģs Jansons, and to make your own  music by moving under the “puzuris”, for which the machine vision solution was created by programmer and choreographer Krišjānis Šimis.

Margita Poriete, Museum Educator at the Turaida Museum Reserve, the author of the exhibition’s idea, says: “The Sounding “Puzuri” Garden in the Rhythms of the Solar Year” invites everyone to take a break  from the routine, to see, reflect, hear and enjoy the joy of Christmas in a visually splendid environment of Turaida, which in the Liv language symbolically means the garden of god Thor. See you in Turaida! “

Entrance with a Turaida Museum Reserve’s ticket, producing an interoperable Covid-19 certificate.


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