Museum Reserve

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The Turaida Museum Reserve’s entrance tickets can be purchased in the “Mobilly” application

The entrance tickets of the Turaida Museum Reserve can be also purchased remotely – on “Mobilly” application.

To start using the new service, you need to download or update the app and supplement your Mobilly account with a bank card. Then, in the menu bar, click on “Other” and select “Museums and exhibitions”. Choose the museum you want to visit, buy a QR code ticket and go to the museum. You will need to present the QR code ticket at the entrance to the museum.

If you wish to purchase tickets remotely, please note that, at the moment, visits to the  museums, including the Turaida Museum Reserve’s exhibitions, both indoor and outdoor, take place  in the “green regime”. This means that visitors to the Museum Reserve must have been vaccinated against Covid-19 or have been recovered  from an infection with Covid-19, and must present an  appropriate certificate and identity document during their visit. If you have purchased a ticket remotely but are unable to present the appropriate certificate during your visit, unfortunately you will not be able to visit the Museum Reserve.

When you are buying a ticket with a pupil, student or pensioner discount, please remember to bring the appropriate certificate. The ticket price remains unchanged – even if it is purchased with Mobilly, the ticket price is the same as if purchased at the museum’s ticket office.

Starting from 15 November, thanks to the joint initiative of the Latvian Museum Association and SIA “Mobilly”, 50 Latvian museums offer a possibility to buy entrance tickets and services using the mobile payment app “Mobilly”. The project has been made possible with the support of SIA Mobilly and the State Culture Capital Foundation.


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