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The Turaida Museum Reserve Offers a New Mobile Application

thumbnail_Aplikācijai-RecoveredThe Turaida Museum Reserve has created a mobile application, which is available in 6 languages - Latvian, English, Russian, German, Lithuanian, Estonian - in both text and audio versions. The mobile application can be downloaded for free on Google Play and App Store.

The mobile application opens up a wide range of opportunities for the Museum Reserve’s communication with visitors. It is based on an interactive map of the Museum Reserve, with 30 points highlighted. Bluetooth transmitters are installed in nature at these points, enabling information to be updated on smart devices when they are in the connection area. You can get to know the Turaida Museum Reserve both by following the route and the indications on the map, and without  map receiving a message on your smart device about the nearby object. The Users  are provided with information about the Turaida Stone Castle, the buildings-monuments of the Museum Reserve, the sculptures in the Folk Song Park and Folk Song  Hill, as well as images and videos.

The creation of the mobile application has extended the opportunity for visitors to receive information about the story of the Historical Centre of Turaida exhibited in the Museum Reserve not only by purchasing a printed guidebook and listening to the museum guide's narrative, but also to familiarize themselves with the message offered by the museum at their chosen time and pace.

The application will be further supplemented with thematic stories, game elements and other activities. The mobile application has been developed thanks to the project of the State Cultural Capital Found’s (SCCF) target program "Kultūrelpa". logo2  
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