Museum Reserve

A visit to the Turaida Museum Reserve from 1 March 2022 without vaccination or recovery certificates

According to the government's updated epidemiological safety rules, most restrictions on museum activities are lifted or eased from 1 March. They include the following:
  • Museum visitors are not required to present a Covid-19 vaccination or recovery certificate, except to attend public events organised by the museum (conferences, seminars, discussions, concerts, etc.).
  • Museums can provide services for groups of visitors (guided tours, museum’s educational programmes, etc., including children's groups, resuming the activities of the “Latvian School Bag” programme).
In order to minimise the risk of disease, several safety measures will remain in force:
  • Inside the museum, both staff and visitors must wear medical face masks or FFP-2 respirators, covering their mouths and noses (except for children under 7 years of age); face masks are not required outside the museum;
  • Visitors (except the same household) and employees must keep a distance of 2 metres from each other;
  • You should avoid crowding in both indoor and outdoor areas, such as entrances or exits, before and after events and during breaks, etc;
  • Persons under home quarantine or isolation or showing signs of respiratory infectious disease are not allowed in the museum.
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Turaida Museum Reserve