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The Interactive Open-air Exhibition “Annual Custom Celebration Meteņi – the Beginning of a New Year”

From 06 February to 28 February, an interactive and educational open-air exhibition "The Annual Custom Celebration Meteņi (Shrovetide) - the Beginning of a New Year" is viewable in the Turaida Museum Reserve. The exhibition is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00.

Traditionally, the Meteņi celebration is a relative midpoint between Christmas and Easter, or the winter and spring solstices, marking the end of winter and the approach of spring. It is the last time to go on masked processions and experience transformations. The traditions of Meteņi are characterized by surprises, jokes, humour, and imagery, reflecting what is happening in nature - the sudden changes in weather – frost, and thaw, as well as the dual feelings in people - the desire to capture the passing joys of winter and the longing for spring.

The Turaida Museum Reserve is one of the first cultural sites in Latvia where a wide audience was invited to participate in the Meteņi activities.  For more than 30 years, Turaida has been organizing the celebration of Latvian annual custom celebration, involving children and their families, people from Latvia, and visitors from other countries in learning about the traditions.

The core of the exhibition is the story of how Meteņi has been celebrated in the Turaida Museum Reserve. Using a QR code, visitors can watch a video with moments from different years of Meteņi celebrations in Turaida. The exhibition invites visitors not only to watch but also to sing along, dance, learn the right words for chasing moles away and find out how to bake the traditional Meteņi pie – “slokatnis”.

We invite you to take a photo with the Meteņi old men in Turaida and share it on your social networks! May only the good things from this winter remain in your memory and may you look forward to spring!

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