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On the Way to the State of Latvia. Corvée-peasant.Independent Farmer.Citizen

The exhibition in the House of Corvée-peasants of the Turaida Estate "On the Way to the State of Latvia. Corvée-peasant.Independent Farmer.Citizen" reflects the developments of the 19th century and early 29th century in the territoryof Latvia, mainly in Vidzeme. The way from the corvée-peasant to the citizen of the Republic of Latvia spans several generations. This phase of history is characterized by economic and social stagnation of the Times of Corvée in the early 19th century, by rapid technical modernization, cultural and economic prosperrity in the second half of the century and by significant social changes, revolutions and wars un the early 20th century.

With persistent work, the Latvian people became the masters of their land, formed their own national culture and finally - their own state.

The story of the spiritual awakening of the Latvian people and the formation of civil awareness on the way to the establishment of a national state, at the same time is a message about the development of individual freedom and legal equality. The way resulted in the proclamation of the State of latvia on November 18, 1918. Latvia was originally formed as a democratic republic with universal electoral rights. The State of Latvia is built on these principles also today.

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