Museum Reserve

Church Hill

Church hill is one of the highest places in Turaida, approximately 300 metres northwards from medieval castle. It is ancient church building and burial site, which preserves significant Latvian cultural values.

 The Church hill encompasses the following archaeological, historical and natural monuments of Turaida historical centre:

  1. Former graveyard is located near by Turaida church. In archaeological excavation (1969-1971) it was discovered that the graveyard was arranged in the 13th century. In 1772, by decree of Empress of Russia Catherin II, burials beside churches were interrupted and the graveyard gradually disappeared.
  2. Turaida church is one of the oldest wooden churches in Latvia, built in 1750. In archaeological excavation, under the existing church, there were found foundations of at least two more ancient churches.
  3. Memorial tomb to the Rose of Turaida – Maija Greif (1601-1620). It was arranged in 1922 with assistance of Ernestīne, the widow of Latvian writer Jānis Poruks.
Turaida Museum Reserve