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Bath-house (Sauna)

Bath-house (Sauna) of Turaida estate was built in 1828. In the beginning it was used for living then it was adjusted to bath-house functions and at last as cattle-shed. In 1996 this building was reconstructed on the old foundations. After renovation it was able to operate as bath-house, but at present it is used for expositions. An exposition “Latvian Bath-house Traditions” depicts the special place of bath-house in the social life of Latvian nation. Attendance of bath-house on Saturdays is an inalienable part of course of life. Steaming and flapping oneself  with birch - branches is the ritual of clearance which creates feeling of comfort for body, soul and spirit. In ancient times children were delivered in the bath-house and the dead prepared for funeral. In the bath-house or in front of it linen was washed or dollied and wool dyied. In the bath-house also meat was smoked, malt dried and harnesses steamed. The room of bath-house was used for living. In the exposition different besoms and herbal teas are on display. Traditionally besoms are made of birch. Besides you can learn about works performed by women in the bath-house or in front of it- washing of linen and dolling, dying of wool by herbal dyes. In the sweating room is depicted steaming and flapping ritual with besoms in Latvian bath-house.
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