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The Turaida Museum Reserve participates in the Bell Ringing Campaign organized by the Unated Nations for the International Day of Peace

The Turaida Museum Reserve, which encompasses also the Turaida Church, has responded to the invitation by the National Heritage Board of Latvia to participate in the Bell Ringing Campaign  organized by the United Nations for the International Day of Peace on 21 September 2019, from 19:00 to 19:15.  In joint sounds of bell expressing support for peace, values of cultural heritage  and their transfer to future generations. During this campaign the Bell of the Turaida Church will ring.   In the lower part of the Bell there is engraving ĢLORIA IN EXCELSIS DEO ET IN TERRA PAX. HOLMIÆ ME FVNDEBAT JOHAN MEYER” (it’s Latin for  “Glory in the highest to God and peace on earth. I am made by Johann Meyer”). The upper part of the Bell is decorated with herbal motif and inscription  “ANNO 1663. SOLI DEO GLORIA” (it’s Latin for  “The  Year 1663. To God Alone Be All The Glory”). In 1970s, after the congregation was liquidated, the bell was put on display in the altar part of the Turaida Church as an exhibit of the historical exhibition. It returned to the belfry again in 1989 and is still ringing each Sunday before and after service and other church rituals.

The campaign is supported by Europa Nostra, organization “Future for Religious Heritage” and other international organizations inviting to join and to be united in the sounds of bells. In 2018, for the first time this campaign was organized in the whole Europe within the frame of the European Heritage Year, choosing the sounds of bell as unifying heritage, enamored by Europeans, which is linked to the ritual and course of time, transcends language boundaries and associates with values such as solidarity, peace and cultural heritage.

More information about this event in the English language : https://www.europanostra.org/…/ringing-bells-across-europe…/

The Bell of the Turaida Church is ringing
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