Museum Reserve

Regulations for visiting

Entrance in Turaida Museum Reserve is permitted with tickets, which are to be retained until the end 
of the visit and produced at request of museum staff.
Photography in exhibition rooms of Turaida Museum Reserve is permitted by purchasing photography permit. The following motor vehicles are ALLOWED in the territory of Turaida Museum Reserve:
  • ambulance, squad car, security and emergency cars ;
  • vehicles, which provide Museum Reserve with goods and materials;
  • in case of necessity other vehicle with permission of museum’ s administration.
By administration’s approval in Turaida Museum Reserve the following is ALLOWED:
  • to organize cultural, tourism, sporting and other events;
  • to film on commercial purpose;
  • to make a bonfire in determinated place during event;
  • to trade;
  • to fish.
In Turaida Museum Reserve the following is FORBIDDEN:
  • to damage or destroy natural, historical and cultural monuments, museum facilities, advertisements, information signs and signage;
  • to destroy nature, pollute and litter the territory and water reservoirs;
  • to climb up and walk along the walls of medieval castle;
  • to enter and stay in the museum visitors, which are under influence of alcohol or drugs, as well as to bring in alcoholic beverage;
  • to smoke in exhibitions and less than 10 metres from entrance in Museum Reserve and exhibitions;
  • to disturb peace of nature and other visitors by making a noise and using sound devices;
  • to walk with the dog without leash and muzzle, as well as to take the dogs into exhibitions;
  • to move within the territory of Museum Reserve by motor vehicles, bicycles and roller skates;
In the territory of Turaida Museum Reserve and exhibitions are installed security cameras recording preservation and use of natural, cultural and historical monuments. Museum Reserve bears no responsibility for:
  • personal belongings and cars in the parking-lot;
  • injuries obtained in the territory of Museum Reserve or in case of damage of visitors’ personal belongings, which resulted from the action of the third person.
Visitors, which do not observe the Rules and Regulations of Museum Reserve, may be asked by museum staff 
to leave the exhibitions and territory, as well as in case of material damage to act according to law and 
recover remuneration.


Turaida Museum Reserve