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Mission & objectives, history

The Mission of Turaida Museum Reserve is to build a harmonious society by showing the development of Latvian wisdom of life and expierence through natural, cultural and historical values accumulated in Turaida Region in the period of one thousand years.

Turaida Museum Reserve performs the following functions:

  • Maintains, controls and develops museum`s collections – a part of the Collections of the National Museums;
  • Carries out scientific research on museum`s collections and information relevant to collections;
  • Educates society, provides access to museum`s values;
  • Studies, renews and maintains cultural and historical environment;
  • Maintains and develops infrastructure which is necessary for museum`s activity;
  • Restores, repairs and maintains respective cultural monuments.

Strategical Objectives 2004-2013:

  • To investigate natural and cultural environment, monuments, tangible and intangible heritage and to supplement  purposefully acquisitions of museum`s collection for maintenance of historical memory and development of public opinion;
  • To preserve and maintain buildings-monuments, nature and cultural environment, tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Turaida historical centre on purpose to get acquainted with peculiarity and variety of Latvian cultural heritage and to build up the image of Latvia.
  • To improve forms of communication and its efficiency, develop cultural tourism and expand the range of target audience for facilitation of Regional development and social stability, becoming one of the most visited museums in the Baltic States;
  • To facilitate the development of Turaida Museum Reserve as a scientific and heritage centre located outside Riga and its institutional strengthening as well as to foster professionalism of employees for educational purposes.

The Basic Tasks of Turaida Museum Reserve:

  • To investigate cultural and natural monuments, cultural environment, tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Turaida Historical Centre and Region;
  • To provide a purposeful compilation, inventory, documentation and storage of acquisitions for the Collections of  National Museums  according to legislation of Latvia;
  • To create a database on museum`s collections for the Main Catalogue of the Collections of  National Museums;
  • To arrange exhibitions in  historical buildings, structures and cultural environment on the basis of the Collections of National Museums;
  • To implement projects and programmes at national and international level;
  • To popularize cultural and historical values through exhibitions and other museum-related activities;
  • To renew buildings and structures, which have lost their historical significance, to carry out maintenance or lease of the buildings according to the aims of museum`s activity;
  • To restore historical environment in the territory of Museum Reserve, develop natural landscapes and arrange open-air exhibitions;
  • To carry our cultural and educational activities for popularization of historical, cultural, art and folk traditions of  Turaida and Vidzeme Regions; to publish guidebooks, booklets, scientific editions and other printed works; to organize scientific conferences, seminars and other activities at national and international level, to take part in them and provide their publicity;
  • To provide accessability of exhibitions to visitors and services of guided tours;
  • To study public demand and analyse the evaluation of quality on services provided by Museum Reserve;
  • To develop and implement projects according to the Startegy of Museum Reserve.

The territory of Turaida Museum Reserve, which occupies 42 ha, is rich in archaeological, architectural, historical and art monuments that inform about historical events in the period of one thousand years, starting with the 11th century.