Museum Reserve

Director speech

Specially Protected Cultural Monument – Turaida Museum Reserve was established in 1988. It comprises the Historical Centre of Turaida as well as preserves, investigates and popularizes heritage of cultural history, which has been formed in this place in the course of one thousand years, starting with 11th century. Turaida Museum Reserve covers an area of 58,34 ha and there are situated 39 historic buildings and constructions.

The particular beauty of this place has been already distinguished by its ancient inhabitants – the Gauja Livs, who named the place Turaida – in translation from ancient Liv language it means the Garden of God. The great variety of cultural and historical monuments, the picturesque landscapes of the Gauja valley, nature trails, extensive lawn areas, tidy environment and exhibitions in Turaida Museum Reserve attracts  thousands of visitors each year. Turaida Museum Reserve has become the most visited museum in Latvia.

Preservation of cultural heritage, maintenance of national memory and historical evidence is work, which can be accomplished only by the goodwill and support of many people. A visit to Turaida Museum Reserve is an acknowledgement of your support.

Looking forward to meet you, Anna Jurkāne, Director, Turaida Museum Reserve

Turaida Museum Reserve