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A concert by the musical group “Rāmi Riti”” will be held in the Turaida Museum Reserve

On July 16, in the Turaida museum rezerve, in Folk Song Hill will be held the presentation concert of the latest studio album “Zin Dieviņis, zin Laimiņa” of the musical group “Rāmi Riti”.

The studio album “Zin Dieviņis, zin Laimiņa” includes 12 compositions that take the listener on a journey both to the sacred and mythical space, where the canvas of the universe is woven, thread by thread, where the daughters of the Sun and the sons of God meet, where is the holy fire, where Laima herself and God warm themselves; but the listener sees himself in the most important rites and moments of a person's life, which permeate the course of a person's life.

Work on the new album was started exactly a year ago, recording the song “Riti, riti rita rasa”, for which a video was also filmed at a special place of power in the forests of Turaida. This summer, the cycle has ended, the album has been completed, and a new video has been created for the song “Silver Roosters Are Singing”, dedicated to our nation's most beautiful, powerful, traditional holiday season - the summer solstice. In addition, the story of the creation of the album will end directly in Turaida, Folk Song Hill on July 16 at 18.00, where “Rāmi Riti” invites the audience to meet at the album presentation concert.

Tickets available – www.bilesuparadize.lv.
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