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The Book of the Centuries of Sigulda Region

„The Book of the Centurieas of Sigulda Region”. Turaida Museum Reserve, Riga, 2007 - 167 pages. The publication is made like review of events, which deals with history of the Region and its three historical centres – Turaida, Sigulda and Krimulda from the 11th century till nowadays. Historical events of Sigulda Region are chronologically arranged in ten chapters, equalizing the bulk of information according to centuries. The work is based on historical sources: archaeological materials on the Gauja Livs (11th-13th century), testimonies of archaeological investigation in Turaida and Sigulda medieval castles, published historical sources about Middle Ages and Early Modern Times (13th-18th century) (chronicles, documents, inspection of castles and estates, inspection and valuation of agricultural land in estates and small peasant farms etc.), unpublished documents of museums and archives, pictures and photographies and applied historical sources. The sources were used from collections of Turaida Museum Reserve, Sigulda Zonal State Archive, Latvia State History Archive, Latvia Academic Library and Latvia National History Museum and other Latvian store-rooms of documents and antiquities. In addenda there are charts and lists about power and administrative structure in Vidzeme and Sigulda Region. Language: Latvian Summary: English, German

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