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The 30th Anniversary of Folk-song Hill

Folk-song Hill is a place in Turaida, Latvia, where everybody is invited to find out the secret of Latvian people vitality, to learn about multiple meaning and wisdom of Latvian folk-songs, to perceive the harmony created by man and nature and to grow in strength. Already 30 years Folk-song Hill tells about the verities written in the folk-songs through the images of nature and stones. Folk-song Hill livs. Folk-song Hill invites, inspires and fulfills with strength. Folk-song Hill sounds.

Folk-song Hill was unveiled on July 7, 1985 when we celebrated the 150th anniversary of folklorist Krišjānis Barons, but a song and stone have entered the Folk-song Hill in autumn of 1982, when the first sculpture „Stone of the Dear Departed” by Indulis Ranka was installed. At present there are 26 sculptures located in Folk-song Hill and Folk-song Garden. Each of them carries a part of the richness of folk-songs and is intertwined with a singing of ethnographic ensembles and folk groups – songs of Livs, inhabitants of Courland, Semigallia, Vidzeme, Latgale and Riga. During 30 years the dowry of Folk-song Hill songs has been filled up with thousands of songs. All this harmonizes with sculptures made of boulders, arousing joy and positive emotions to the hundreds of thousands of visitors from many countries all over the world. The zealousness of the folk groups involves in their performances also listeners, allowing them to feel the sonority of folk-songs and pattern of dances.

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