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September 13 – European Cultural Heritage Days in Turaida

This year the European Cultural Heritage Days in Latvia will take place from 12 September to 15 September and will be dedicated to the theme “Restoration”. This event is organized by the National Cultural Heritage Board.

During European Cultural Heritage Days at the Turaida Museum Reserve on 13 September at 14.00 in the Turaida Parish Magazine will be lecture “Preservation, research and restoration of the heritage of the Turaida Historical Center”, with Anna Jurkāne, director of the Turaida Museum Reserve. Participants of the event also will be able to see the exhibition “The Turaida Museum Reserve in Time and Space”.

The European Cultural Heritage Days theme “Restoration” in 2019 has been chosen to address the future challenges of the restoration industry and profession, strengthen professionalism, encourage dialogue with the general public, promote understanding of authenticity and appreciate the informative and creative role of original, historical material and respect. During the inheritance days, Latvia will focus on the achievements of the restoration industry since the restoration since independence, promoting examples of good practice – objects that have undergone a research-based, high-quality restoration in line with the philosophy of preserving modern heritage. Example of good practice is the Turaida Museum Reserve – Specially Protected Cultural Monument.

This year Cultural Heritage Days events will take place on 12-15 September with the opening of the International conference “Restoration” at the National Cultural Heritage Board in the building complex “Three Brothers”. Events program from 13-15 September will include activities throughout all Latvia, including the opening of new objects and educational activities at such sites as the Mencendorf House, Iģenes Lutheran Church, Krāslava Roman Catholic Church, ensemble of garden and park “Riga Great Cemetery”, Preiļi Castle, Koknese Castle ruins, Ungurmuiža, Kuldīga Old Town etc.


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