Museum Reserve

Information for Travel Agencies and Tourist Guides

The  tourist groups organized by Travel Agencies can visit the Turaida Museum Reserve with a Voucher. In order  we can accept your  Voucher  as valid, you need to sign Cooperation Agreement with the Turaida Museum Reserve. Please send your request to the  museum’s e-mail: turaida.muzejs@apollo.lv

If Agreement is not signed, we can not accept your Voucher as valid.

When tourist groups of  Travel Agencies arrive in the Turaida Museum Reserve, they can pay also in the Ticket Office on the spot in cash or by card, or before visit  make prepayment. In case of prepayment, please send us your  request to the e-mail: turaida.muzejs@apollo.lv at least 3 days in advance. After your request is received, the Turaida Museum Reserve will send you Electronic Invoice.

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Turaida Museum Reserve