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From May 13 open-air exbhibitions are available for visitors of the Turaida Museum Reserve

Starting with  May13, the Turaida Museum Reserve offers to visit open-air exhibitions and temporary outdoor exhibitions in the territory, according to the requirements of the Order issued by the Ministry of Culture regarding provision of social distancing in the museums. In the month of May, the Turaida Museum Reserve is open every day without days off from 10:00-20:00. Tickets you can buy on the spot in the Vistors Centre  without prior reservation. The Museum Reserve is planning to open exhibitions in the historical buildings in the beginning of June.

Visit to the open-air exhibitions of the Historical Centre of Turaida includes the following: getting to know the Turaida Medieval Castle Complex, Folk Song Hill and Folk Song Garden, the Turaida Church Hill and Memorial to the Rose of Turaida, the Economic Centre of the Turaida Estate and temporary outdoor exhibitions: “The Turaida Museum Reserve in Time and Space”, “The Singing Dainu Hill”, “Turaida in the Chronicle of Henry of Livonia”, “History of the Turaida Castle in the drawings of arcaeological expedition, 1976-2000”and “Latvian annual custums and traditions”.  For somebody, maybe a new discovery will be “Detour Path named after Archaeologist  Jānis Graudonis”, where you can see old bailey of the stone castle and inetersting building elements of the medieval castle, for example, the place of secret exit from the castle. At the moment, museum educators are working at exciting and full of tasks route “The Dreams of the roots on the Liv trail” for families with children. About all news, which the museum will gradually offer, information will be available on the website of the Museum Reserve.

The Director of the Turaida Museum Reserve Anna Jurkāne:  “We  are looking forward to welcoming  visitors, to whom Turaida is a source of inspiration and stories of history. At the moment we are gradually preparing for the opening of exhibitions in the historical buildings-monuments, where special preparations for safe visit are needed”.

The Turaida Museum Reserve takes part in the informative campaign #Let’s Meet Now organized by the Latvian Museum Association, for convenience of visitors disposing in the museum’s territory and Visitors Centre informative materials with common bright yellow design, which assist in observation of requirements established by the sanitary protocol of the government.   We kindly remind that  Order No 103 issued by the Cabinet of Ministers on 12 March 2020, also applies to museum visits, which  means that it is not allowed for persons with syndromes of  viral respiratory diseases as well as persons subject to self-isolation, quarantine or strong isolation to visit museum. If a person is showing signs of infectious diseases (fever, cough, shortness of breath), museum staff has a right not to admit the visitor in the territory or ask the visitor to leave the museum’s territory. When staying in the territory of the museum reserve, for reasons of the safety and health, visitors need to observe distance of 2 metres and follow all indications and additional informative materials.

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