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The Turaida Museum Reserve opens in-door exhibitions for visitors

From June 5, the Turaida Museum Reserve opens the exhibitions in the ancient buildings of the Historical Centre of Turaida and invites everyone to become acquainted anew with stories of history in the exhibitions of the Medieval Stone Castle, Turaida Church, Gardener’s House and in the Economical Centre of the Turaida Estate. The Turaida Museum Reserve is open daily  from 10:00-20:00, exhibitions in the historical buildings from 10:00-18:00. Taking into account all the procedures, regarding to provision of social distancing in the museums, there will be few restrictions to be observed to visit exhibitions and the flows of visitors in the buildings will be regulated.

Also the Main Tower (panoramic tower), which is one of the favourite visitors’ objects in the Turaida Castle Complex, will be open. In case of  large  flows of visitors, visits will be provided in an organized way – by reserving specific time of visit on the spot.

Exhibition  “Turaida in the Archbishopric of Riga”, which tells about the history of the Archbishopric of Riga, the Turaida Castle and its District in the course of four centuries will be open on the first and second floor of the West Block of the Turaida Castle. Museum offers a unique opportunity for visitors to get to know the guards walkway of the West Block, because visitor flows will be organized using separate entrance and exit. Entrance in the exhibition will be on the first floor, but exit – on the second floor by stairs of the guards walkway. In such a way, you will enjoy view to the castle yard from the unsual viewpoint. In addition, exhibitions “Prison” and “Castle Guard”, as well as “The History of the Tower-shaped South Block and Cellar”, where original vaults have preserved will be open  in the Castle Complex.

Approaching the Gardener’s House, the tunes of bone pipe will invite you to visit exhibition “Gauja Livs in the Latvia’s Cultural History”. The Turaida Church, built in 1750, will surprise you by its simple aesthetics. In the Smithy of the Economical Centre of the Turaida Estate, an exhibition “Story about Estate” will be open, also exhibitions in the Cart-house, Sauna and Fish Cellar.

In June, exhibition “On the Way to the State of Latvia. Corvée Peasant, Independent Farmer. Citizen” will be available only for not more  than 10 persons in a group  booking visit in advance by phone.

At wekend and on public holidays, café “Mr. Biskvīts” will be open in Visitors Centre - the good reputation of their cakes has spread all over Latvia. Souvenir shop “Rota” will welcome visitors in the buiding of Drying Kiln. Creative workshop of artist Elmārs Gaigalnieks will welcome you according to previous reservation to get your own portrait drawn on the spot by charcoal or pastel.

The Turaida Museum Reserve participates in the informative campaign # TiekamiesTagad  (#Let’s meet now) organized jointly by the Latvian Museum Association, for visitors convenience disposing in the museum’s territory informative materials with common bright yellow design, which will assist in observance of restrictions. We kindly remind that Order No 103 issued  by the Cabinet of Ministers on March 12, 2020 also applies  to the museum visits, which  means that it is not allowed for persons with syndroms of viral respiratory diseases as well as persons subject to self-isolation, quarantine or strong isolation to visit museum. For visitors which are not living in one household and are staying in public places  it is still necessary to observe 2 metres distancing for reasons of their safety and health and follow all indications and additional informative materials, disposed in the territory of the Turaida Museum Reserve.

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