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Open-air exhibitions and a large-format “puzuri” exhibition are available for visitors in the territory of the Turaida Museum Reserve

From December 21, 2020 to February 7, 2021, open-air exhibitions, nature and history trails and a  large-format exhibition of “puzuri” (Latvian traditional Christmas decorations) (open to January 31) are available for visitors in the territory of the Turaida Museum Reserve in compliance with the Order of the Cabinet of Ministers regarding the announcement of an emergency situation in the country to limit the spread of Covid-19. During this time indoor exhibitions are closed.

The Turaida Museum Reserve is open daily from 10.00 to 17.00 for individual visits, except for members of one household, who can visit the museum’s territory together.

DSC00372During a leisurely stroll, visitors are invited to walk around the Historical Center of Turaida, getting acquainted with the stories of historical events in a course of a thousand years, and visit Folk Song Hill, where the stone sculptures of the sculptor Indulis Ranka, dedicated to Latvian folk songs, are located. At the entrance in the territory of the Museum Reserve there is a large-format exhibition of “puzuri”  -  “Puzurs  - a model of the world and a symbol of the universe”. The ancient decor of the room, which is traditionally made of straw, for the spacious outdoor exhibition is made on a larger scale, from more durable materials, reflecting its basic concept - variations of the space of Universe and  manifestation of the World Tree.

 A detour path named after archaeologist Jānis Graudonis (1913-2005) is also available to visitors. Strolling along this path you can get acquainted with the most interesting building elements of the Medieval Castle, but passing closely by the high walls of the castle, it is possible to feel the mightiness of the medieval castle and greatness of its walls.

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Turaida Museum Reserve