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The Turaida Museum Reserve receives the European Heritage Label at a award ceremony

Eiropas mantojuma zīmes pasniegšanas ceremonija. Brisele, 2022. gada 13. jūnijs

European Heritage Label Award ceremony. Brussels, 13.06.2022.

On 13 June 2022, at the official ceremony, the Turaida Museum Reserve received the European Heritage Label, which is awarded for a significant contribution to European Heritage. Altogether 12 sites from Croatia, Bulgaria, Belgium, Latvia, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Spain, Finland, Germany, Luxembourg and Romania have been selected for the award.

The Historical Centre of Turaida is a place that represents the interaction of different cultures and a multi-faceted process of Europeanisation over a thousand-year period.  It is a place that expressed non-violent resistance in the “Singing Revolution”, bringing to life the values of freedom, democracy and human rights.

In Latvia, the 2019 European Heritage Label has also been awarded to the Three Brothers Complex in Riga. Due to pandemic restrictions, the 2020 award ceremony did not take place, so the 2019 Heritage Label recipients were also honoured at this ceremony.

This year, the European Commission celebrates the tenth anniversary of the European Heritage Label with a major two-day forum on cultural heritage, bringing together the 60 sites that have been awarded the European Heritage Label, as well as national Heritage Label coordinators and industry representatives.

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Turaida Museum Reserve